Classroom's "Wish List"

In these challenging   economic times, may Preschool teachers find funding for classroom supplies to be extremely limiting.

Many community based organizations, like ours receive funding through city grants. The funding is adequate to cover overall operations and basic supplies for our teachers and classrooms.

Our teachers, do an excellent job is providing to our children a quality education and broadening their experiences through hands on projects in arts and crafts, storytelling, and  dramatic play.

This year, we are introducing Sponsor a "Classroom’s Wish List" Here the teachers have  created lists of items, that if donated to their classroom, can assist them in creating  special lesson plans that would allow them to explore with their students many “out of the box :activities that definitely would enhances a child’s imagination and develop a thirst for knowledge 

Please click the PDF file to the specific classroom 's name.  One can choose one item to several on the wishlist.  These can be mailed to  ACE Integration Head Start 1419 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11221 . 

If you need additional information, please contact , or call 718 443-3917, Ext. 222. We look forward to your donations. 


Class room wish list

Classroom Wish List 4