There are a number of ways to volunteer at ACE Integration Head Start. Volunteers are needed most for our preschool classrooms and for our Head Start Policy Committee (DAPC).

Classroom volunteer opportunities

ACE Integration Head Start is conducting outreach to encourage volunteers from the community to participate in the Head Start program. Community volunteers help to enhance services, provide positive role models, and promote linkages to the broader community. We are seeking adults, parents, grandparents, college students, and other community residents to serve as classroom volunteers and help to create warm, enriching and engaging classroom environments and experiences for preschool children. There are many things volunteers can do to help out including playing with children, reading aloud, helping teachers lead an activity, doing crafts with children, sharing a snack or meal, helping with a puzzle, playing outdoors, or simply spending some one-on-one time with a child who really needs it.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, and making a positive difference in the lives of young children, please contact our Administrative Assistant at (718)443-3917 ext. 200 to discuss volunteer placement opportunities.

Community Representatives for Head Start Policy Committee (DAPC)

The DAPC is similar to a school board or “PTA” for the Head Start program and is comprised of current Head Start parents and members of the local community. The DAPC works in partnership with Head Start Administration in the development and approval of the program’s goals and objectives, guidelines to use in selecting children and families for Head Start, funding applications and grant proposals, the annual program self-assessment, and other important program issues, including the hiring of new Head Start staff. The DAPC is part of the Head Start “governance structure” that includes the DAPC, Sponsoring Board, and the Head Start Administrative Director.

  • We are looking for community members to join: Particularly those with experience in education, early childhood, child development, child health, human services, non-profit administration, or social work. College students taking course work in these areas, or related fields, are also welcome!
  • Commitment: Community Representatives attend the DAPC meetings which are held monthly at the center and last approximately two hours. We seek a commitment to serve on from November to October. Mid-year volunteers are welcome!
  • Benefits to you: Gain experience in the development of community-based services and non-profit management. Network with professionals, parents and others in the community. Help support services for low-income children and families. Add experience to your resume!
  • To apply: Please send a one-page letter explaining why you are interested and any relevant experience you would bring. Send letter by mail to the DAPC Chair, ACE Integration Head Start, 1419 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221, by fax to (718) 452-6459.